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Terms and conditions

01. Offers

Our offers are non-binding and are valid for 4 weeks from the date of issue. Official wages and Material price increases are applied proportionately. All technical documents remain the intellectual property of the contractor.

02. Delivery

The specified delivery times are approximate and non-binding for us, therefore we cannot be held liable for the damage caused in the event of delivery delays. The delivery time cannot be kept if the client makes changes subsequently. The contractor is free to refuse his delivery obligation if this is not possible due to force majeure, disruptions in operation, difficulties, transport, work stoppages, lockouts, import and export bans. In these cases, the contractor is also partially authorized to withdraw from the contract. Delayed delivery, regardless of the cause of the delay, does not entitle the customer to cancel the order or to claim damages.

03. Liability and warranty

Technical advice, measurements of quantities and measurements as well as recommendations of the contractor are generally non-binding. We also reserve the right to make minor changes to the dimensions for production-related reasons. Liability is excluded in this respect. Complaints are to be made in writing immediately after creating the deviations, but no later than 2 weeks after receipt of the goods.

Regardless of an earlier limitation period, warranty claims expire four weeks after the contractor has rejected the notice of defects. The contractor's waiver of compliance with these contractual provisions must be in writing.

If a complaint proves to be justified, replacement / repair will be provided free of charge. Further claims such as conversion, reduction, compensation for direct or indirect damage, lost profit, reimbursement of paid contractual penalties, wages etc. are excluded. No rights with regard to partial deliveries can be made from defective services.

The contractor can refuse the replacement service as long as the customer has not fulfilled all obligations arising from all previous mutual business relationships.

Restrictions on the performance (description of the performance)

A very limited shelf life can be expected for temporary maintenance etchings. With anodized and coated materials, differences in farm nuances are not excluded. The durability of locks, drives, locking devices and the like depends on the respective state of the art. Protective coats last 3 months.

04. Retention of title

The delivered goods remain our unrestricted, extended property until the purchase price including interest has been paid in full. It may therefore not be sold, pledged or used as security.

05. Place of jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction for both parts is Vienna.

06. Assemblies

For assemblies without an existing horizontal layout, assembly is carried out according to the given wall lights, regardless of the equality of the balance. Plastering work is carried out without adaptation to the existing facade plaster structure and color. Excess foam residues are removed by the builder or customer.


cables that are not visible must be announced to our fitters before starting work. Otherwise we will not accept any damage caused by damage.


Unless otherwise agreed, packaging becomes the property of the customer and must be disposed of, as well as dismantled components and construction waste.

07. Terms of payment

Invoices are payable net cash after receipt of the invoice without any deduction, unless other payment terms have been agreed in writing. Unjustified cash discount deductions will be reclaimed.

The client is not entitled to withhold or offset payments, not even because of complaints. If payment terms are not met, it is agreed that all claims are due for payment immediately in cash regardless of the bills accepted. The client is in default even without a reminder. He is obliged to provide suitable security for all demands.

If the payment deadlines are exceeded, there is a default rate of 12% p.a. offset.

08. Other

Purchasing conditions of the client are only recognized as accepted by the contractor if a written agreement has been expressly made. The silence on the part of the contractor regarding the purchasing conditions of the client is in no case considered an acknowledgment

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